Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hello, and this is what I'll be doing today.

Earlier this afternoon I was idly browsing Twitter like an affable modern male ought and happened upon a brief interaction between an old, shaky friend of mine now employed at a major gaming website and another gaming journalist of whose work I am a fan (anonymity included to protect a thin veneer of intrigue). Now, of both these men I was already envious - this should come as no surprise as we all harbor a fantasy of the life led by those who are paid to do what we, for free, either do or think longingly about doing - but for whatever reason seeing them casually exchange some words compounded the problem more than it rightfully should have and drove me into one of those anxious states of whaddam-I-doin'? Some minutes later, I emerged from a rabbit hole so well-traversed that it might as well be paved with tarmac at this point.

So I made a blog. As you do.

Because I want a simple spot that I can point to if ever I need to prove that I am capable of thought that is, if not original or insightful, at least typed well enough. The Unenthused Enthusiast was chosen in a moment, formed by words with no prior meaning to me. Obviously, I soon decided that The Unenthusiast would be a more helpful title, but, well, remember what I said about tarmac. It is at once relieving and foreboding to see that my apparent ancestors (in both name and style, staggeringly) have given up and abandoned their project, fulfilling their part in the overwhelmingly vast pattern of the sinking, deteriorating but forever emergent landscape of the Internet. The pattern which I now attempt to defy.

Let's all of us come and see how mighty these patterns truly are.

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